Boxed coffee table

The perfect rolling storage!

Another super fun and beautiful build, but a build with function! The homeowners wanted a piece that could be used as a coffee table for the center of the room as well as stools for casual seating. Since this piece will be put in a common area, adding storage and shelving just seemed like a given!

I am so in love with how this came out, its very simplistic in design but looks so sleek and classic. Im a big fan of how popular white oak has been lately, but I think my saws and black stained hands are looking forward to shifting gears on the next project with some beautiful cherry wood!

These stools have 2″ castors hidden under the toe kick because we wanted mobility without taking away from the style, adding a lip at the bottom was the perfect way to keep them balanced and rolling freely!

Once this pieces goes to it’s new home, it’ll receive a custom paint job with a floral mural wrapped around it. Ive never sent off an unfinished piece before, so Im anticipating the photos of it once its complete! Hopefully Ill be able to post an update on it soon! In the mean time.. onto the next!!

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