About Us

Hi! Im Tori!

The builder for everything you see! 

Well, Almost everything!  

I’m a self-proclaimed Jack(ie?) of all trades. A Lover of Creating and Making. 

For as long as I can remember, I have had my hands in something, never able to sit idle.

Whether it was painting, gardening, taking photographs, building or sewing… creating something from nothing fed my soul! 


Over the years I have found that working with wood and growing things were the two passions I just couldnt get enough of. There’s so much to learn and try that I could never get bored! 

Furniture styles change, seasons come and go but there is always something in those areas to explore! 


After a 2020 trip to Washington with some of my dearest friends, reflection over life after the pandemic, being inspired by so many people around me and a dream to do what I loved (so I never have to work a day in my life!), Sprig & Spire was born!


A place to build and grow. 


Clarksville’s very first Woman-Owned Woodshop & Plant Garage! 


Sprig & Spire is where I design and build all of my wood furniture. It holds the showroom full of unique and handmade items, focusing on pieces for those uncommon size nooks and corners of your house that you just caint seem to find furniture for. Im not just talking about entry tables and dining room tables, Im talking about the “where the heck do I put the potatoes” kind of pieces or the “where do I hide the dog toys and junk mail when company comes over” type things! And what is a home full of great furniture without PLANTS?! We have a huge selection of indoor plants all year round, because lets face it plants just make a room happy. Pretty sure theres scientific backing on it… but youll just have to take my word for it! 

My dream is to make Sprig & Spire a place that is more than just a workshop and showroom, but a place people enjoy coming to visit. A place to sneak away and pot a plant, walk around & enjoy browsing locally made art, and one day have meetings or events hosted! This is a forever evolving journey and I am so excited for you to join us! 

Our Mission

My mission is to provide quality and beautiful home decor for you to enjoy for years and years to come… to fill your space with bits of happiness and peace. Most importantly, I want to provide the best experience possible when you walk thru our doors. Whether your buying a luxurious piece of furniture, a tiny plant or just want to sit in some peace and quiet in the greenery, I hope to create a home away from home! A place you enjoy visiting and always come back for more. 

This is only the beginning!

One day I hope to open the building to host events, workshops and so much more! As a Clarksville native, I hope to serve the community the best I can and help our city GROW!