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Recent Custom Made Projects

Writers Desk

This writers desk was made of white oak lumber. Included 3 soft close drawers and tapered legs. The desk was finished with black wood dye and sealed with a hard wax, providing a durable finish but still showing off that beautiful white oak grain. This is a great way to keep the wood character versus painting. 

Cedar Chest

This cedar chest was constructed of beautiful quarter and riftsawn brown oak, also known as European Oak. This chest was lined with half lapped eastern cedar. The color from this European oak is a result of a natural Tung oil finish, there is NO stain added! Pictures really don’t do it justice! 


These modern inspired nightstands are made of solid white oak with two soft close drawers and one “hidden” pop out drawer. The top, shallow drawer is great for hiding things from little hands who get into everything! No need for baby proofing! These nightstands are sitting on a pair of chunky feet to balance the large boxy body. The finish is a “pure” hard wax, providing the natural touch and look of wood with no sheen. 


Succulents and Cacti

If you’re one of those people who just want to set ’em and forget’em. Succulents might be the perfect fit for you! 

I will admit, these are so hard for me NOT to kill! I just want to love (aka water) too hard! so if you’re like me, check out some of our other plant options! 

House Plants

There is a plant for everyone, I’m certain of it! Bright light? Dim dusty space? Stale empty room? Need some privacy/traveling green wall? Come in and get inspired with unique trellis ideas, cute pots and plant hangers! 


Hoping to inspire our indoor plant lovers, we have a seasonal outdoor vegetable and flower garden to explore!

Food is a love language! And I love to share!! Come take a look at our seasonal crop and maybe take home some goodies!? 

Home Decor

Shop Local

Wall art, kitchen tools and so much more, made by our community makers! Come see and shop your local artists! 

Home Decor

Find the perfect textiles, kicknacks and gifts for your home in our “front room” of the building! 

Have a special project in mind? 

Send a quick message with your ideas, measurements and any info you can to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest factors in a custom piece of furniture are 

  • size
  • material
  • time

If you are looking to have a custom piece done but still “Shopping” around, saving up or just trying to decide if it will fall into your budget, providing these three key pieces of information will get us off to a great start! When inquiring, you may not know the species of wood you want, but you know the color; or you may know how much you can spend, but dont really know what that will get you size wise. These are all helpful things to add into your inquiry and will be info we use to get the conversation started!

Free delivery is available 20 miles from the shop! Please include delivery requests during initial inquiry and we’ll get it taken care of!

The short answer is. No.

The long answer is. Typically I do not repair or refinish any types of furniture or wood pieces, if you see any posts of refinished items, they’re usually personal use pieces that I am just “sharing the journey” on. There is just too much unknown with premade items and I always end up biting more than I can chew when it comes to these kinds of projects. I prefer to work on things from scratch, starting with rough lumber and finishing it all myself. I know where it started, how to finish it and that’s what I specialize in. However I do have a few folks in the Clarksville area who ROCK that niche and would be happy to recommend if you send me a message!  

No. Like many small businesses the prices I have are based on current material costs, utilities, business expenses, fees, taxes etc.

While I would LOVE to provide discounts to each and every military, first responder, nurse, teacher, moms, everyone, Thanking you for your support! Its simply something I cannot offer at this time.

That said, I try to donate my time and resources when I can to teaching other makers, people who are interested in the craft of woodworking, kids and students. I donate items/wood pieces to auctions for community fundraisers and soon I hope to start a special project to give back to the community!

When you shop in store, I do have special incentives when you check out, so please come by, shop around and see what’s new!!  

Other questions? Give us a shout!